Sunday, June 27, 2010

These are a series of paintings that I have been working on throughout my grieving period. Hope they create a great response.

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  1. Love these paintings! The brushstrokes are loose and bold and not over thought. That can be hard to do. They convey a lot of emotion and also show that you're using the painting process as therapy to work through your emotions. That fact that there is a very personal story behind them makes it so that everyone can relate on some level. Keep going!



Emily is prolific in her work and strives to achieve balance in what she creates. Color is a driving force: the use of contrasting colors, unconventional color combinations, and monochromatic themes are evident. Her approach to composition immerses the viewer in an environment containing both rhythm and movement that leads the viewer’s eye around the painting. She also accomplishes this by focusing on the details of the individual strokes. Her work is conceptual, relating movement, definition of space and different perspectives. Her creative process is additive; it progresses intuitively from a basic infrastructure, adding layers that are both deliberate and pronounced. The materials she uses are canvas, oils, paint mediums, and acrylic. With all these things encompassed, a sense of balance is achieved and her rate of production continues within this discipline of work. Although she works from an intuitive place, where she allows her inner spirit to come through, her explorations of manipulating oil paint are evoked through her deliberate approach to applying paint.


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