Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I just made the treck back from VT on Monday. Had a fantastic time and unfortunately sprained a few ligaments in the knee region. The people I've been hitting the slopes with are aggressive skiers whose limits far exceed my own. It's been snowing the past couple of weeks. I am feeling somewhat restless. My need to create is growing like the blow of cool air on hot embers. Sketchbook, where are you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today has been somewhat obscure. Running around and waiting in anticipation to hear back from the Main State Ventures Art Competition. It is the first art competition that I have submitted slides for. My dreams have been vivid: entailing endless design possibilities for creating. I dream of France, of fashion and construction.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The constance of my daily routine has gotten the best of me. I have been sick the past two days and am unable to create. Bourdain is keeping my mind occupied as I wonder about travel and food. Cooking has been one of the more nurturing hobbies of mine and I hope to get more accomplished at it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It is the beginning of February. Cold to the bone. I am itching to do a new series of paintings. A trip to the local hardware store is much needed. I am ready to take the plunge. A jewelry cuff geared towards a male client is currently in the works as well. Will be setting up two new studio spaces within the next couple of weeks-one for painting/the other for metalsmithing. Super excited for everything to fall into place.


Emily is prolific in her work and strives to achieve balance in what she creates. Color is a driving force: the use of contrasting colors, unconventional color combinations, and monochromatic themes are evident. Her approach to composition immerses the viewer in an environment containing both rhythm and movement that leads the viewer’s eye around the painting. She also accomplishes this by focusing on the details of the individual strokes. Her work is conceptual, relating movement, definition of space and different perspectives. Her creative process is additive; it progresses intuitively from a basic infrastructure, adding layers that are both deliberate and pronounced. The materials she uses are canvas, oils, paint mediums, and acrylic. With all these things encompassed, a sense of balance is achieved and her rate of production continues within this discipline of work. Although she works from an intuitive place, where she allows her inner spirit to come through, her explorations of manipulating oil paint are evoked through her deliberate approach to applying paint.


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